It’s over already?

I cried at least 15 separate times today. Each time a kid gave me a hug or a note or asked for a picture with me I was running for the tissue box. I really had no idea what to expect before this program started. Part of me was hoping it would go by quickly because it was standing between myself and my trip to Tampa, but tonight while I played Super Smash Brothers with my sixth graders (I came in first almost every time…there was a lot of Sudden Death with me and Michael) and watched Mrs. Doubtfire with James, I could not be more sad to watch them leave tomorrow. I finally learned how to play Chinese Poker.

Tonight for our last reflection we had the kids write the top ten things they would miss about the United States.
Here’s what I will miss:
1. Riding on the bus next to James listening to Dave Matthew’s Band on Jackie’s iPod.
2. James handing me the headphones and saying “sleep” and find him drooling on Jackie’s shoulder less than 3 minutes later.
3. Kids knocking on my door and finding them smiling innocently and after a few seconds say “game?” or banging on my door and yelling through, “Teacher! Can we pray game? We want to pray!!”
4. Waking kids up at 7am and finding them dressed for the day, seeing as they sleep in their clothes, and no sheets on their bed.
5. Reflections and being asked how to spell anything from “Sarah” to “Carowinds” to “hardcore”.
6. Joe asking to borrow my glue stick.
7. Bringing three pens to reflections because the same three guys always forget pens.
8. Frantically searching for the seventh kid because I counted and there were only six…but I miscounted and all seven were there all along.
9. When they talked in Chinese around me, responding in Spanish and watching their bewildered looks.
10. Hearing “I am very great” as a response to “Good morning, how are you today?”
11. Vitas impressions. Here’s the youtube video. Use your imagination for the impression.

So that’s 11 of like 545892358025982930582930.
I am so blessed.

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