What day is this?

I neither know what the date is, how many days I’ve been with the program or what we’re doing today or tomorrow.
INTENSE. So I haven’t been blogging because lately the choices at the end of the day are sleep, shower or food. More often than not it’s sleep…so blogging isn’t really on the list.

This is the funnest program ever, I just wish it wasn’t so intense and I had some quiet time to process everything. Since the fourth we went to visit a “typical” american home, which wasn’t typical it all. It was the home of one of Meredith’s art history professors. She has us over for ice cream and we gave the kids a tour and explained a typical American home and they compared it to a typical home in Taiwan. That evening we were originally supposed to have a faculty performance by Risa Pineros, but we ended up entertaining the kids with our own talents. Jamie Johnston played some beautiful songs on the piano, Lela rapped in Chinese and I played the piano and sang some and Catie and I did a High School Musical song. It was pretty fun. Afterwards Danny taught them some basic choral principles and then we retired back to Brewer for a loud obnoxious night of Chinese Poker and “Ghost House”.

Yesterday we visited First Baptist Church (who wasn’t expecting us) and afterwards we had a walking tour of the Capital building in Raleigh and the History Museum. The church was extremely conservative Southern Baptist which was kind of a disappointment that these kids only glimpse of American Religion was a tiny, tiny piece of the giant spectrum. During “sunday school” Dr. Happer gave them a run down of Christianity and the beliefs behind it. Some of our kids are Christians, some don’t practice any religion and a few are Buddhist, but I couldn’t help but smile at the thought that this was the first time some of these kids ever heard about Jesus. The idea behind the introduction to Christianity wasn’t to “convert”, but it’s still really cool to think that even though it wasn’t intended to be a seed it’s possible this introduction could blossom into a beautiful relationship with Christ.

After we toured the Capital, History Musuem and Mordecai Historic Park we came back to Meredith with the plan to go to Putt Putt, but it began to rain pretty heavily so we had a fun night in. We played lots of Twister and cards and hung around and talked. It turned out for the best I think, our kids were SILENT by eleven thirty…that never happens. They were also really hard to wake up this morning, we were almost late for breakfast.

I ran a ton of errands this morning and got things to FINALLY start on the scrapbook, yahoo. In about thirty minutes we’re heading out to the Streets at Southpoint for shopping, dinner in the food court and then we’re going to see Wall-E and I’m getting an apple pie apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I have a punch card there.

I took a million pictures yesterday so here’s a few. I discovered the widescreen setting on my camera and it is so much fun. I’m sure I could just crop photos, but it’s kind of cool to pre-crop. I’m a few paychecks away from my DSLR and I am leaning dangerously close to getting the Canon Rebel xti. I can’t waittttttt.

One thought on “What day is this?

  1. SO good to see your face, I’ve missed you so! this blog is amazing. interesting to see that they went from up at 6 to having to wake them to almost late for breakfast! what fun!! sound like you are having a better time than they are! no RUNNING!! love you so!

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