Happy Fourth of July!

First of all, there is way too much going on and way too much I am learning to include everything.

Second of all, this was like the best fourth of july ever. Other than waking up at 6:30am of course.

After breakfast and taking the kids to class my wonderful boyfriend was wonderful enough to meet me at the Royal Bean on my break. He also picked me up so I didn’t have to walk. Wonderful.

Afterwards I came back and took a little siesta before lunch at 11:30 and then we had a typical American lunch to celebrate the Fourth of July. The BDH staff even made red, white and blue cupcakes and arranged them in the shape of an American flag. Catie and I reveled in the fact that is the first time we’ve seen something in BDH and our first reaction is “LET ME TAKE A PICTURE!”. Other than people of course.

After lunch we watched National Treasure (LOVE THAT MOVIE) and went to the fairgrounds for their Fourth celebration. It was pretty wack but for the kids they had a blast learning about American things like the snaps that you throw at the ground and explode and poprocks. I can’t wait to see Michael Lau eat poprocks. We also had a few kids eat deep fried oreos (gross). After that we went to the Dollar Tree which the kids LOVED. They couldn’t believe everything was a dollar. Oh the things we take for granted.

After the dollar store we came back to BDH for dinner and had some HUGE subs that were actually delicous…I hope they do it again. It was also one of the MIchael’s birthdays so we sang and made lots of noise to celebrate him. Dorcas told us he has been very homesick so it was good to see him smile.

After dinner we had some free time (read: power nap, mario kart) and then we went outside and PLAYED. I mean ran, danced, volleyballed, footballed and ran ran ran. It was the most fun I have had in ages. I put an intense playlist together in iTunes and we had so much fun dancing and singing along to the songs (Yes, High School Musical). As it got later it started to rain and sadly we didn’t get to watch fireworks but hopefully we will tomorrow. We had some crazy Scrap Exchange crafts and Catie dressed me (Mixture between Mother Teresa and Harriet Tubman…I heard) and I danced around and freaked out the kids a little bit I think. It was really fun though. Catie got some hilarious video of RAs going wild which hopefully will be edited (so there aren’t any Fuhsing kids in it) and out. While I was watching it I began to feel a new appreciation for my friends. I am quite strange and wacky.

After free crazy run dance time we had reflection time where we told ghost stories and BRIEFLY talked about the Fourth of July and Typical American Homes. Tomorrow we are going to visit Blue Greenburg’s house (which I’ve heard is quite atypical) and have an ice cream party. It should be really fun.

So I’m learning a lot. Maybe tomorrow I’ll write more about introspective things. Now I want a shower and to sleep, dancing makes me so tired! Being a kid is fun. I liked playing outside and watching fireflies and running inside when it started to lightening. Being a kid is fun, it went by so fast.

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