Day 3 part 1

So…I’m thinking to accurately document everything, I will need to update several times a day.

Last night was the students first night here in America. We expected them to crash immediately, seeing as we arrived at MC after midnight, but it was at least 1:45am before the last kid came to my door asking for hot water to cook noodles.

I woke up at 7:00am with a knock on my door and two students asking if they could go to breakfast because they were ready. I should add that I was still in my pajamas and answered the door after rolling out of bed. I asked one of the kids what time they woke up and they replied around 6am…I dont know if that is jet lag or their normal morning time, but these kids were more than ready by the 8:30am breakfast time we had planned on. Not to mention it takes them less than half the time to complete any activity that we have planned for them. I remember being in Spain and waiting what seemed like forever for my family to finish eating, but these kids are faster paced than Americans and ask if they can leave after five minutes of mealtime. And none of them are overweight. It’s so crazy.

We had originally planned to eat lunch at eleven and do tours of campus after lunch, but before eleven we had taken pictures of every group, every camper and given them all a tour of Meredith’s campus– my group even went to the amphitheater for a good thirty minutes. We resorted to “free-time” which was pretty much for the staff to regroup because WE were way more tired than the kids and then met for lunch at 1pm. Dr. Hartford and other important MC folks met us for lunch in BDH (I am not referring to Governor’s school people, who are actually quite possibly the most obnoxious group of high schoolers I have ever met) and then we had more “free time” (Catie and I played some Mario Kart) and then we went on a driving tour of Raleigh.

The tour highlighted major buildings and important landmarks in Raleigh, but the kids on my bus were severely uninterested. I did however learn a lot, including a short cut to Krispy Kreme which hopefully I will get to take advantage of soon. Our last stop was Pullen Park where we played on swings, went for a ride on the train and spent at least 15 minutes on the Carousel. I still feel pretty nauseous, I think I might be getting to old for such things. A lot of the kids were looking pretty green when we got off though.

Right now is more “free time” and the first REAL day of classes starts tomorrow. We have a big Welcome Dinner planned for tonight in BDH. I still cannot believe how bold these kids are. We were told they would be shy but these kids don’t hesitate at all to speak English, regardless of their level. Maybe it is because I have sixth grade boys and they’re kind of loud. They’re a fun group overall. We came up with a team name, the YoJos. There’s a kid in our group named Joe and when I met him last night I said, “Where’s Joe?” and he said “YO!” and now it’s been a big joke. At least I hope it’s a joke and I’m not actually scarring him emotionally forever. The kids came up with the name of the group so I imagine it’s okay…

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