Day 3 continued

So not being able to post pictures of the kids faces/the logo is calling for some seriously creative photog shots.
During the Welcome Dinner in the Oak Room the kids were literally falling asleep at the table. We brought them back to Brewer and had a quick meeting and then they met with their individual counselors and did (of course) reflection time. The kids just had to write at least one sentence in English and the rest in Chinese if they want or draw pictures…whatever they desire. Some of the kids were crashing so they did the minimum one sentence and peaced out but a couple of others spent a lot of time working on theirs. It was so fun sitting with them and talking. They are really awesome and confident at speaking and writing English, I am beyond impressed.
Here’s some fun photos!

One of the kids was sweating my iPod touch so we traded for a bit and I borrowed his shuffle. I listened to like 5 songs and they were as follows:
High School Musical 2
Bad Day
Ice Ice Baby
and High School Musical

That made me laugh almost as much as the kid who informed Catie today that there were some Governor’s School girls “outside doing photosynthesis”. This is a really fun job.

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