Day 2…again kind of.

What a long day Tuesday was!

The FuHsing kids were set to arrive at 9:45pm that night and we had a long list of things to do to get Brewer (and ourselves) ready for their arrival. There are 38 students so we had to assemble gift bags, shirts, make beds and door decorations enough for all of them. What should have been finished by 3pm ended up running a little late due to the linen company (our sheets arrived wet– eew). At four o’clock we had a meeting with all of the faculty and staff that are on board with the program. It was great to talk to all the teachers and hear about what their ideas were for the curriculum. We also had a session with one of the members of the Board of Trustees here at Meredith who gave us a little information regarding Taiwan culture and what we should expect. So far she’s been dead on except she said that this kids were not (and I quote) “a wild and rowdy bunch”, but I must say (as a group of boys runs by my door with pillows hitting each other), she was dead on wrong.

My new friend Courtney (who is also an RA next year and on the Apartment Committee..small world) and I are working with the 6th grade boys. There are fifteen of them, two Williams (3 total in the middle school group), a John, a Johnny, a Joe, a James and two learning names is proving to be difficult. I’m not completely complaining…William and John are a lot simpler to learn than Shih Yung-Hung and Chien Ming.

After the meeting and finishing making the beds around 8pm, Catie, our new friend Leela and I went to the Royal bean which was fantastic. I had a full stamp card so I got a free chai latte and splurged for some $1 chocolate covered espresso beans. Yum. We ran into Christina Emerson and her brother Bobby which was a pleasant surprise!

We walked back to Meredith and changed into our supercool FuHsing Meredith College polos and went to meet the kids at the airport an hour later than expected. We had a ton of “Welcome to NC!” signs and a man who passed by said, “no not me, I think you’re looking for the 40 kids in yellow shirts” and indeed, the FuHsing kids had arrived. After 17 hours of being in the air and a couple of hours laid over in DC and 12 hours behind in time, they finally made it.

We were all immediately impressed with their organization. A trip like this with 38 American middle schoolers would have been slightly chaotic…which is probably why not many middle schools take field trips to Taiwan, but these kids were so well behaved and organized. They sat quietly in rows organized by group and listened carefully to all directions their teachers gave them. We were all SO impressed. We made it back to Meredith and thought the kids would crash immediately…but it was well after 2am when the pitter patter of feet changed to lots of conversations in Chinese in dark dorm rooms.

Here are some pictures from the day. I found out yesterday that I’m not allowed to post pictures of the kids or the logo on “any social networking site” which unfortunately includes amateur photography blogs, so all you’ll see is pictures of me and my co-workers. Sad. These kids are so cute, but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

they asked if they could wear their shoes inside 🙂

So organized. And they all had cute American ribbons 🙂

Me and Bill Brown. One of my new favorite people.


I am now a champ at making beds.

And teacher handwriting.

We had fun with the sheets..until we sent half of them back for being dirty. We regretted wearing them.

Señor Stephen Bathmat.

One thought on “Day 2…again kind of.

  1. so those cute kids probably have different names than joe and johnny… shing told me that they get to pick their american name because they are told that it will be easier for us to say!! i hope you are having fun!!

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