Day 1…kind of.

Today I moved in at MC for the FuHsing program. I left Durham around 8:45 this morning and ran some errands on the way and arrived a little bit before ten. I happened to run into Sarah May who is the Resident Director for the program and she told me my room assignment which is Brewer 206– right next door to where I lived last year. So crazy. I have the same bathroom and everything and there’s no one in 204 so I have it all to myself. It is fantastic so far. I pushed the beds together and so I have a cool king sized bed that I am definitely going to use in the fall…there is still so much space in here! Below is a picture of the amazing bedness with my twin comforter on it. I love living on this side of the building…the natural light is awesome.

So far I’m pretty excited. The schedule of events is really really exciting. It’s so interesting to be on the complete other side of the spectrum for a day camp. I’ve always worked with zero-funding, zero supplies, zero interest from staff but this is overwhelmingly different. We have AMAZING trips planned and the staff is ready and excited to teach and learn. Today wasn’t a full day, tomorrow is going to be busy. We have a lot to do to get ready for our students from Taiwan!

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