cleaning up

The thing about college is that for four years you don’t really have one place to kind of bounce around from dorm to home. I have found the easiest way to do this is to consolidate everything I own to 5 giant boxes but somehow there is still a TON of stuff in my room that remains untouched the 8 months a year I’m at school. In attempts to maybe let my room serve as something other than a shrine to Kellie while I’m away, I’m trying to get rid of some stuff, including the locker above. I painted it ages ago and it’s really fun, but it’s just so huge and hard to move. The plan is to finish painting it and sell it at the flea market in a couple weeks at Northern. Perhaps I can get a few dollars for it.

I’m also trying to find someplace to donate my trophies to. I have about a million swimming, basketball and softball trophies that I’m not particularly attached to. The only one I might keep is the one with the treble clef from middle school. Yep. I was best all around chorus student.

3 thoughts on “cleaning up

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