So Marshall and I made a bet that I won’t be able to not look at facebook for a week, which may lead to an increase in blogging since I am bored and spend unnatural amounts of time surfing the internet. I must say though, breaking my facebook habit is going to be a difficult one, I already clicked on it twice by accident but quickly closed out the window before it loaded. Thank goodness for slow internet.

These “bets” are usually unclear and end with a date of somesort, so really we’re both winners. Or losers.

I positively cannot wait for June to come so I have something to do other than going to bed at midnight and sleeping until 2 in the afternoon…and then taking another nap around 4. I am beginning to believe there is such a thing as too much sleep.
At least I’m getting some good summer habits in too, like walking and reading. I’m on the last 100 or so pages of The Ragamuffin Gospel, which I really really really recommend. Next up is Harry Potter y La Piedra filosofial. I am quite excited about this one. I need to practice reading in Español before my three Spanish classes next semester. Yikes. And the Proficiency Exam. YIKES.

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