I am feeling a lot better today. That is phenomenal.

I skipped two classes today which proved be an excellent choice. I got a head start on a few papers and assignments and other things that needed to be done. It also helped that I wasn’t trying to stay awake while Débora and Margarita went on and on and on about Latin America.

Tonight I was inducted into the Meredith chapter of Sigma Delta Pi, the Spanish Honor Society. What an experience.
There were ten of us, I didn’t know a lot of the girls because they were juniors or seniors, but it was so cool just being there.
Nayely and Tamara did the induction ceremony (en español) and Nayely said something about how we were here (the inductees) because at some point in our lives we became lovers of the Spanish language. I couldn’t help but smile as I sat there in that creepishly dark room barely lit by candles. The Lord totally just put that phrase on my heart. Lover of the Spanish language. It totally just hit me in the face how even though Phonetics sucks SO bad this semester, and sometimes I can’t remember all the grammar rules, doesn’t mean I can’t love it, and it doesn’t mean I’m not supposed to be doing this. Just because I’m not the best, doesn’t mean I’m not good enough.

And….word. A friend called me and I helped her and some friends study for their Spanish test tonight and enjoyed every minute of it. I can’t wait to be a spanish teacher.

And here’s a picture of my little pin that I might wear all the time because I might be really proud of it.

Okay here I go to write a paper and cough like a maniac.

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