This picture was on an article I was reading about re-entry shock after studying abroad.
That’s a pretty hilarious picture. But, after looking back and thinking about basically the horridness that is this semester…
that picture is a pretty dang accurate portrayal of what this feels like.

I am stuck in a tiny spaceship capsule of my life.

So apparently re-entry shock can take months to get rid of and is completely worse than culture shock…
and while I once mocked those who said this, I now bow to you because you were completely right.
This is like jogging on jello. Hard.

So I’m kind of in the “why did I ever study abroad?” phase.

I was going to sign off from this blog thing…It’s not very fun anymore.
But CLEARLY the whole study abroad experience isn’t over yet and it just wouldn’t be right to end it.
Blogspot has been here through it all, might as well finish it out.

Some things you can’t help. Like gravity and change. You can’t undo change and you can’t drive change. It just happens and then you deal. You deal, and you move on. And hopefully re-enter in one piece with no severe burns, intact.

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