Lamest Spring Break Ever.

Except for this sunset. Which was so awesome that I actually forgot to get my luggage off the bus while staring and taking billions of pictures and was all the way IN the hotel IN the elevator when I shamefully walked back to the bus to get my stuff.

Chorale tour was definitely not the spring break that every college student longs for…but I did get to know some awesome girls and get lots of 10+ hour sleep nights and lots of naps on the bus. Lots of time on the bus for certain. We drove from Raleigh to Charlotte to SC to VA and back to NC and sang a lot of songs not in English that I didn’t really know. I do know them now though. Singing the same songs over and over with a choir really beats time alone in the practice room drilling your own part by yourself.

Yesterday I spent a little time at home with my parents and my dad got a motorcycle.
That’s a whole other entry in itself. He’s a funny dude.

Tonight I’m at home again and tomorrow I have absolutely NOTHING to do (except lots of homework, haha “break”, right) and then I’m gigging with Gary at Southern Village in Chapel Hill from 8-10. If anyone’s interested in taking a little trip down 40 for some good coffee shop jams, holler at a sister. We’d love to have you. And Gary’s a full time musician so I’m sure he’d like any tips to buy himself some groceries.

Now let’s all pray that the next three days go by really really slow so that class doesn’t start back.
That’s a fun game, no class.

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