so in my last attempt at organizing pictures in iPhoto, all these pictures from high school appeared (no really, I didnt even know I still had them) in iPhoto. I thought I was importing Spain pictures and all of a sudden I had imported like 8,000 pictures from the past 5 years of my life. Craziness.

This is a really random picture from my mission trip to DC the summer after senior year.
What a crazy time in my life. That was by far one of the greatest trips I have ever been on.
I met such great people and I completely fell in love with DC.
I was contemplating today all the people I’ve met in my life. People I’ve just had random conversations with.
I really love people.

That amazingly gorgeous dude on the right is Jo, and he has NO CLUE just how perfect his face is. Or at least he didn’t when I met him. The left is Ski, who still keeps in touch with me. They live in Tampa Bay and it would be wonderful to at some point see them again (since my sister lives in Tampa and all) but who knows if it’ll work out. I think in this picture I am trying to pick Ski’s nose…I really think this is either the first or second day of the trip. There’s just some people you click with and you feel comfortable trying to pick their nose hours after meeting them. These kids were that way. Even if our friendship was just for a week, I am still changed by it (2 years later?) and so thankful for it. Great guys, these ones. Our whole group was pretty crazy. I think there’s a picture of an infant chicken suit somewhere that we all took turns playing with…

and I remember buying that camo jacket and being really pumped I found it for $3 at wal-mart.
camo jacket? really?

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