here’s to a 2008 muy not aburrida

I haven’t really been updating much on account of the fact that my life is kind of average and normal.
Christmas was fun. Christmas day we didn’t really do much since my sister and her husband were still in Florida and we had actual Christmas dinner on the 29th. My parents kept apologizing because presents weren’t plentiful, but truthfully I think this was the greatest christmas ever. Everything I got was something I will USE. One of my pet peeves are useless presents. Knick-knacks kind of annoy me. I’ll gladly accept them, don’t get me wrong, but I have a lot of stuff and I am a packrat and I won’t throw anything away. So if you give me a knick-knack I’ll probably keep it forever because it was from you but all the while wishing that my room wasn’t so cluttered. Yay fun facts about Kellie that probably don’t matter.

Readjusting to life at home really hasn’t been so bad. I was talking to Amy Kay today about how weird it is to be at home fantasizing about going abroad to a wonderful country and then when you get there, you want nothing more than to be home. And once you’re home again, you totally romanticize the experience and want to go back. Many times since I’ve been home I’ve caught myself missing número 11 calle cefeo, la casa de Isabel y Paco. But seriously, every moment I was there I was wishing to go home. Weird huh?

I think the most overwhelming thing has been trying to see everyone and keep in touch with everyone. I think a part of growing older is losing touch with friends, but I kind of refuse. Come on, facebook wasn’t invented in vain.

So 2008, my new year’s resolution? Nada.
I’m reading more books, facebooking less. One book will be an improvement from last year.
Being wiser with my money, which means actual budgeting and SAVING.
Doing homework. That’s pretty straightforward, I’ve had a problem with being a slacker. Well, I am one kind of.
Love people. Really, really LOVE. No more of this selfish living junk.
But I’m pretty sure if one calls it a “resolution” it’s doomed for failure. It has for me in the past anyways.

And I’m a big kid now.

Ever since I got my license I’ve been under 18 and I FINALLY got it renewed. So now I’m under 21. But at least it says “Driver’s License” and not “full provisional license”. But let me tell you, that thing will read “under 21” until 2015 because it cost me a pretty $32. That means I’ll be carded until I’m 28 because that $10.50 for a duplicate license just isn’t going to be worth it in November.

Peace, Love and hope 2007 was a good year and that 2008 will be even better. I’m excited.
2008. Year of the Onyx, being a Big Sis, turning 21, and 365 days of sweet God’s mercy. Yay.

2 thoughts on “here’s to a 2008 muy not aburrida

  1. You’re back on the mainland and I haven’t seen you yet! We need to fix that. 🙂 Greta’s been asking about you. Are you girls coming to the release party on the 18th? One of my resolutions was to read more too and I’ve already started my second book since last week! We’ll see how long I can keep this up. 🙂

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