home sweet home

Oh home home home.
So everyone told me that re-entry shock is worse than the initial culture shock of being away, but I don’t believe that.
I remember the agony of being away in Spain and this is nothing compared to that. I’m a little bit uncontrollably sleepy at times and I really miss my friends on occasion, but it’s really not too bad. The only thing is that it’s just really weird being back. Like I know that I was gone for 4 months and that I lived in Alicante but it doesn’t really feel like it. Kind of like a dream. And the weirdest part is that I really miss Alicante. When I was there, oh boy was I ready to come home, but I really miss it.

It’s kind of stressful being back I guess, I’m trying to figure out what my plan is for summer…working. an internship, where I’m going to live, blahblahblah. I cannot live at home or work for Durham Parks and Rec. Those are the two goals.

Thursday night was fun. My flight came in half an hour early so I ended up waiting for my parents and Marshall for a bit. After we left the airport we went to ihop where a ton of my friends were. It was so great to see everyone! After a few hours of pancakes and gossip (I apparently missed a lot) we went home where Marshall hung out for a little while and I forced myself to stay awake.

Friday M and I went to Target and Chickfila and I was very happy. I cannot tell you how much I missed Target and Chickfila.
Yesterday I went with my mom to Southern Seasons for a little bit (that store is SO intense) and then afterwards we stopped by walmart (and got almost car attacked by a mad black woman, christmas shopping makes people crazy) and bought a bunch of stocking stuffers and then Marshall and I dropped her off at Northgate for a date with my daddy. Later that night I went out to dinner with the Sopranos, a wonderful group of girls that I went to high school with and sang soprano with in Knight Sounds. Two generations of KS Sopranos. I absolutely love those girls. It’s really funny because we still hang out (and refer to ourselves as the Sopranos) and Sarah told me that this year a girl in KS was gossiping about Sopranos and how we are divas and mean and jerks and stuff and it made us laugh because the reason we are friends is because everyone ELSE in KS our year were jerks and we realized how sweet and kind we all were. Haha.

So I read somewhere that life after study abroad can seem boring compared to adventures abroad. And I just realized it is. This has got to be the most mundane blog entry I have ever written.

Well here’s the deal. My boyfriend is amazing. My friends are amazing. My mom is absolutely insane, but she rocks too. My Dad is also kind of crazy, but he is a wonderful daddy. As much as I miss speaking Spanish all the time. I’d have to say life here is pretty wonderful. The Lord has been good to me. Like always.

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