I think more than anything, this semester has been a small glimpse of the “real world”. High school was not, and Meredith College is certainly not anything like what I’ve experienced in these past three months. The Lord has taught me so much. I’m probably only realizing a small fraction of the work he’s done in me, but holy cow, I am so not a little kid anymore. It is so hard making sense of God’s free mercy in a world that could care less about God or anything that he has for us. It is so difficult finding the balance between loving Jesus and enjoying the sweetest freedom ever and hypocrisy. It is even more difficult trying to follow Jesus in this jacked up world without the fat label of “religious”. Comparatively though, I think the most difficult thing though, is the simplicity of it all. All, being that we smell. We stink. We suck. Whatever, we’re jacked up. And God is jumping up and down trying to get our attention because he is crazy in love with us. He created us because he loves us. We messed up and he gave us a “get out of trouble free” card named Jesus. Completely free. No strings attached. No religion required.

There is nothing I can do to make God love me. Nada.
I can abstain from alchohol my entire life, die a virgin and never utter a single 4 letter bad word (ps: Spanish slang for cuss words are ‘tacos’)and God won’t love me anymore than anyone else. Jesus is so free and so good. His perfect life makes up for the ridiculously imperfect life of Kellie.

How simple.
Jesus made it so simple. It’s people that make it difficult.
Ya’ll, we gotta stop complicating things.

3 thoughts on “Crianza.

  1. your blog today gives me so much more hope in pressing through this exam time… how glorious is our God that He even lets us speak His name… how great is He to us that He loves us despite the fall…. i am continually grateful that God has blessed me with such and amazing friend like you!!see you SOON!!!! AHHHHHHno bueno tacos

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