I have nothing to write about.

That has never stopped me.

Here is my “16.5 days to go” iTunes playlist for today to get me through the madness that is these last two weeks.
Yes I said two weeks. I am so exciteeeddd.
As Natalie put it, we are down to the number of days that we can count on our fingers and our toes.
And she is on the pointer toe of her left foot. Haha. I love that girl.

1. Te Busque – Nelly Furtado y Juanes
2. Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers
3. Satisfied – The War
4. Rock Wit You – Alicia Keys
5. No Hay Igual – Nelly Furtado
6. Mr. Man – Alicia Keys
7. Maneater – Nelly F.
8. Karma (remix) – Alicia
9. Judas – Kelly Clarkson
10. I’m Bossy – Kelis
11. How Can You Move Me – Shelly Moore Band
12. Hole – Kelly C.
13. Hear Me – Kelly C. (Marshall, this is tied with Linus and Lucy for my favorite song I think..maybe.)
14. En Qué Estrella Estará – Nena Daconte
14. Haunted – Kelly again
15. Everyday – Starting Tuesday/The War
16. Do it To it – Cherish
17. Si Supieras – Nena Daconte

Sometimes I wonder what a person’s iTunes reveals about themselves.
For me, I’d say “studying abroad in Spain, likes Kelly Clarkson, went to high school in the ghetto.”

Also, when we were in Barcelona Natalie gave me a wonderful (free!) haircut. I meant to post a before and after picture but I didn’t get either. Oops. Anyways, my hair was obnoxiously long and uneven, etc. and Natalie cuts her brother’s hair so I let her work on mine (she’s an engineer for Motorola so I figured if she’s a perfectionist enough to design phones certainly she wouldn’t do anything cray cray to my hair…). Saturday when Pam and I were at the market I was trying on sunglasses and she snapped this picture of me. I never smile normal for pictures so I’m kind of shocked I smiled normal like I didn’t have huge bug eye glasses on. Nonetheless, Natalie’s sweet hair job is pretty evident in this photo. She did layers and everything. I’m amazed.

Looky there, I found something to write about. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting.
Foodnote: Paco made me a grilled ham and cheese the other day for dinner. No lie. So all that weight I lost I’m about to make up in the next two weeks with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches.

And I’m super thankful for podcasts. V21 is doing a sweet series on 1 Corinthians that I highly recommend.
Also Dad (you read this right?) here’s the website: http://vintage21.com/ and if you want to listen to the podcasts just search for them in your iTunes.

I’m gonna attempt at some productiveness before my class at 1:30. Oy.

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