hola diciembre. marry me?

Oh december, december, december. I thought you would never come.
19 days until I’m on a jet plane and probably never coming back again. To Spain, that is.

So I think in anticipation of leaving so soon time is slowing down to a creepster pace. This has been pretty okay so far for weekending, considering the large amount of work I have due in the upcoming week. It’s a short week as well, which is super exciting. We already don’t have class on fridays, but we also have thursday off this week. I think Natalie and I are going to take a day trip to Valencia, we hear it’s gorgeous and it’s only like 11 euros for a train trip. I’ve never taken a train in my life so I’m pretty stoked about this.

This morning Pam and I went to the local market for some Christmas shopping. I did pretty well I got the majority of my gifts for pretty borrato (fun fact: borrato is cheap, not to be confused with borracho which is drunk). I still have a few more things to buy. I started packing last night and I went through some of my clothes and am going to donate some to a church in the area Isabel told me about. I packed wayyyy too much and bought wayyyy too much. My suitcases were already over on the way here and flying back the weight limit is lower because it’s in kilos. But I started packing. For HOME. YAY.

Here are some fun pictures from the market today. My camera is pretty lame sometimes, but I get good ones on occasion. Lately I’m obsessed with black and white. I’m not sure why but sometimes black and white just takes my breath away. That sounded really dramatic. I just really like the b&w. ¡Disfrute!

One thought on “hola diciembre. marry me?

  1. thanks for sharing the pictures … don’t wish the last few days away … if you’re right that you’re not going to ever go back, soak it up … write it down… document your time there so that you can tell your grandchildren about your semester abroad!

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