This weekend we took a little trip to Barcelona. Overall, it was a pretty chill weekend, we didn’t do much. Our director has the chicken pox and so he didn’t go, which made the organization a little weird. Friday we left Alicante around 8am and stopped at a Champagne bodega a little outside of Barcelona around 3pm. The bodega was really, really fancy, but it’s like the 3rd bodega we’ve been to and the fermentation of grapes is of very little interest to me, I was kind of bored. We left the bodega and got into Barcelona around 6:30pm (I saw three starbucks just driving into the city!) and checked into our faaaancy hotel. I mean fancy. Yay CIEE trips. Some sweet chicas and I went across the street to a grocery store and bought stuff for dinner (read: loaf of bread, turkey breast, cheese, Hellman’s mayo and chips and salsa. Yes, SALSA) and watched Grey’s episodes. Afterwards, Natalie cut my hair and we went to sleep. What a wonderful chill Friday. Saturday’s tour was super boring (as would be the retelling of it, so I’ll spare you) so we skipped out on the last part and went back to the hotel for another turkey sandwich and a siesta. Glorious. I slept for a few hours and then we went out exploring in Barcelona (ie; shopping and starbucks). We found out that major stores have sale floors. Yayyyy presents). After exploring we went back to the hotel and changed and went out to dinner (my friend Andrew got Rabbit. Gross) and then headed back to the hotel and watched a movie. I was wandering all around the hotel trying to get wireless and then I had the bright idea to sit by the window (thanks Ellen) and was able to steal wifi from someone in the area. I love iChat. I was also able to purchase a new nose stud for 1.80, thank goodness. I was told on more than one occasion that I looked extremely hardcore with the other ring. I felt pretty punk.

Here’s some random pictures from the weekend. Thanks to my parents for my millions of batteries, I was able to take a billlllion pictures 🙂 Barcelona was fun but I’d chose Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill anyday.

3 thoughts on “Barthelona

  1. I feel like I’ve discovered your blog all over again… so exciting! I love hearing about your travels. And what I love more is hearing how comfortable you are there. Regardless of what you do or do not like, you are comfortable in another CONTINENT! that says so much about you! 🙂 you make me smile!

  2. So I hear that Jesse is coming back up to stay with you after Christmas, and I’ll be back a couple days before New Year’s, so we should totally get together and have a huge party. If Jesse says something about getting crunk, just ignore her … that’s so not in my plans for the night. love you!

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