After my first two weeks in Alicante I woke up to find my nosering inside my nose. Ouch. It was gross and yucky for a week and I decided that I was done and I didn’t want it anymore. I tried for hours and hours and hours to get the stinkin’ thing out (my stud was like a normal earring, the diamond on the top was the “back”) but I couldn’t get the diamond off to remove it, so I just decided to keep it clean so when I got home I could get it taken out by my friends at Blue Flame. After a week or so it healed up completely fine and I decided that I’d keep it, cause me gusta.

Last night I was putting on my PJs and a string from my shirt got caught on the diamond and it flew off somewhere into the depths of Spain, never to be found. Luckily, I had bought this ring back in September at the recommendation of the guy at Blue Flame that pierced it, so I quickly learned how to change a nose ring. I find it really ironic that I tried for 3+ hours to take the stinkin’ thing out and then it just fell out 2 months later.

I’m not sure if I like it yet or not. I had fun playing with the new iPhoto though. Thanks boo. 🙂
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I hope you get to eat a lot of sweet potatoes and get to spend a lot of time with those people you love.
I started working on my “things I’m thankful for” list yesterday. It’s pretty long. Jesus is good to me.

3 thoughts on “Hardcore.

  1. yay for pb&j! And i’m sorry that you don’t like olive oil 😦 but I do know that I really want to see you the night that you get back, but i’m not sure how that will work with your family and marshall probably ready to mob you with hugs and kisses. So i will wait. But i am leaving on Friday (the 21st) around noon to go home, so I hope I see you before that. If not, I will be back before New Year’s eve, so maybe we’ll see each other then! Just know that i’m thinking about you and miss you and love you very very much!

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