pb&j i love thee.

So telling your Spanish mom that you don’t like olive oil is the spanish version of a “yo mamma so fat” insult.
You think I’m kidding? I’m not.

Actually, I’m pretty convinced that they don’t understand that some people don’t like olive oil. So convinced, because after telling them within the first week I don’t like olive oil and tomato, I still have ham, tomato and olive oil sandwiches for lunch everyday. Sometimes for dinner too. I’m really thankful my family doesn’t know english and can’t read this blog.

I remember the first time I had olive oil. It was my 18th birthday at Macaroni Grill and they give you the little plate with olive oil for the wonderful bread and everyone was like “OH MY GOSH it’s so good Kellie, I can’t believe you’ve never had it!” and I tried it and wondered why anyone would ruin perfectly delicious bread with that stuff.

So today I made a secret pb&j. Yay.
That beautiful piece of aluminum foil up there is my work of art.
It got a little smushed in my bag, but that’s what happens to a good pb&j
No one was home this morning when I was eating breakfast (yayyyy no one watching me eat my bread) so I ran to my room and got my secret jar of peanut butter and found the white sandwich bread and made myself a 3 parts strawberry jelly 1 part nasty spain crunchy peanut butter sandwich. I seriously leapt with joy the entire way to the bus stop this morning. So tonight, I am going to (again) try to talk to my family about how I don’t like olive oil and tomato so I can eat lunch and hopefully not lose anymore pants sizes in the next month.

Today I bought the *NSYNC Christmas cd. Best iTunes purchase ever.
This Thursday is the CIEE Thanksgiving dinner (I am going to eat so much!) and some other girls and I have prepared some Christmas songs to sing for the group. We practiced the other day at Jasmine’s house (her mom taught us some traditional Spanish carols- presh.) and we sound SO good. Like, unbelievable. I miss so much singing with other people. We’re singing Campanas de Belen (Bells of Bethlehem), Silent Night (with a verse in Español), O Come All Ye Faithful and Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas is You. I’m gonna get someone to videotape it so I can post it on here. It’s going to be supercute. I can’t wait. We’re practicing again on Wednesday, I can’t wait to hear everyone now that we have lyrics 🙂 I am like paralyzed with joy just thinking about it. I love making music.

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