Oh my so much has happened in the past week since I updated! The Camino trip went pretty well. I learned that no matter how hard I try, I will never, ever like backpacking, hiking or camping. I love the idea of it, but after walking about 50km in 2 days, backpacking is not fun at all. Quite painful actually. So yeah. I’m a wimp. I have no shame. Instead of walking the rest of the week I opted to take a bus and a taxi. I did however walk the last 4km into Santiago– without my backpack. You may think I’m weak, but I just think I’m resourceful. I was very happy to be able to walk when we were in Santiago because we went to the beautiful cathedral and other places. Overall, a pretty fun trip. I learned a lot about myself and what real college is like. This would be a good time to express my excitement that in 44 days I will be back home. GSGHSJ!!DGDSOEUYREWHJ!RNFJDf!!.

And I turned 20 on Sunday! That was pretty exciting. Sunday morning we got to sleep later because we only had 4km left to go (again, without a backpack. SWEET), so instead of waking up at 6:50 to the sound of Alfonso’s “Buenos dias chicos!” I woke up at 8:15 because I had to pee. Glorious. After that some sweet girls on the trip gave me this little seashell box with 20 slips of paper in it that said fun “happy birthday” things. It was so sweet. Thanks girls 🙂

After we walked into the city we went to mass at noon and and saw this cool albergue/hospital thing that was for pilgrims a loooong time ago. Now it’s a 5-Star hotel. It was pretty fancy. After mass we had a bit of free time and then we had lunch. It was so cute, after lunch the guy who was in charge of our trip gave me a little cake (tarta de santiago, the dessert spesh of galicia) with a candle on it and everyone sang to me. It was wonderful. The candle was a zero and Alfonso said that was because now that I reached Santiago my sins were forgiven and the 0 is because my life has started over. He later told me that was because he couldn’t find a 2 and a 0 so he had to be creative. Nevertheless, it was sweet. 🙂

After lunch we got on the bus around 3:30pm and headed back to Alicante. It was a loooooong bus ride and we got back around 5:30am yesterday. Overall it was a pretty sweet birthday, considering I’m a million bazillion miles from home.

And so for the next 44 days in Alicante…
This week and next week are mid-terms. I have no idea what is going on in any of my classes since I was gone last week so that means lots of studying. After that we have the CIEE Thanksgiving dinner and a trip to Barcelona and then it’s December and I start packing. OH MY how quickly this semester is going by.

and PS. Sophomores won Cornhuskin’. Girls I am so proud of you. I was jumping up and down in Santiago when I found out. I miss you!

The Lord is so good to us.

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