There isn’t much going on this weekend in the vida alicantina. I’ve been doing lots of homework. WOO.

So I was at the University (la uni, as the young people call it) on friday and I was walking and spotted a mud puddle (which I made a note to avoid) and then about 30 seconds later I was flat on my back staring at the pretty blue sky. Yay big falls. So my elbow hurt a little bit at the time but now the big honkin bruises are popping up EVERYWHERE on my rear side. Pretty funny. I bruise like a peach!

No worries, the only person who saw me wipe out was a maintenance man. He said something to me that I didn’t understand at all so I just smiled and said “si” and walked away. Probably not a good choice.

Later that day we went to the mall and I set of an alarm in a store, so I had to go back to the security office and get wanded. They thought I was an española until one of the guards blew my cover. Heyyy my spanish is getting better.

And then this morning I got doorbell ditched by some kids in my building. They got me the first time but the second time I laughed at them through the peephole. Once I find out which floor they live on, it’s on.

These things are funnier in Spanish.

but yes. Not much going on right now. That’s why I blogged about bruises.
This week commences the lightning rate at which the rest of the semester is going to go by.
Friday I leave for Granada, the following Monday I leave for Santiago de Compostela, and the following Monday is my first Monday as a 20 year old. Wow.

Annnnd I’ve been listening to Vintage 21 sermons and I can’t wait to get back. Jesse let’s teach sunday school!

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