Vanilla Sky

Is probably one of the weirdest movies ever. It’s been a good while since I’ve seen it and I don’t remember really any of the storyline, but I remember how freaking beautiful the sky was in like all of the scenes (maybe that’s why they called it Vanilla SKY? good one Kellie) Anywho, the sky the other day to the airport absolutely gorgeous. I could seriously sit for hours and stare at it. Maybe that’s weird. Here’s a picture I took with my kodak on the auto setting with the screen that doesn’t work. Boo. I really hope I can get it fixed when I come home.

And a fun fact about that movie, it was orginally done in 1997 in Spain as “Abre Los Ojos”, but it’s okay that America stole it because they cast Penelope Cruz in one of the main roles and Spain is very proud of their Penelope.

This is a really boring post, I just haven’t updated in a while and I have three hours until my next class and very little homework to do. Alicante is fun, I think I’m FINALLY starting to enjoy myself. I met three girls today (Spanish girls, Woo!) that I’m going to hang out with next week. They want to practice their English and I want to practice my Spanish…I’m pretty excited.

Anywho, this month is going by fast! Next friday we have a little weekend trip to Granada and then the following Monday I leave for Santiago, to return to Alicante on my birthday! 🙂 And after that is midterms, thanksgiving, Barcelona then December. December, people! I come home in December. Wow.

I hope everyone is doing well, and sorry if you mail me real mail and I don’t reply. It costs .78 euros to mail a post card. That’s about $1.10. Europe is muy expensive. Love. Keep praying for me 🙂

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