Geography and I are not friends

Therefore I have enclosed a map in this blog entry to tell you of my travel plans. So tomorrow night I am flying to Madrid to play for the weekend with Jasmine and Natalie. As you can see by my wonderful artistic display, I am very excited about fall break 2007. Wooooo! And have I mentioned that there are 41 Starbucks in Madrid? And a Dunkin Donuts.

And if you look in the top left corner you will see Santiago, the end of the Camino de Santiago that I will be adventuring on later on this month. Except we’re walking that one. No plane involved I don’t think.

I got some sweet Adidas shoes yesterday for the Camino trip for 22 euros. They are so comfy. Perfect for walking across Spain.

Classes are good but I have a mogollón of homework everynight. Which is what I should be doing now instead of blogging.
Oy. And my job interview went well today, thanks for your prayers 🙂 I’ll find out sometime next week if I get a whole class to myself (that’s what I want so badly!) or a family can call me to tutor as soon as the Academy gives out my phone number.

The woman who started the Academy is pretty cool. Her name is Kelli (that’s cool in itself) and she’s lived in Alicante for 10 years and is married to a nice Spanish man and they have three boys. She was talking about the classes and she was like, “We pretty much just want them to have a lot of fun. We really only sing and dance and do arts and crafts, I don’t care if they only learn like 1 word the whole semester, I just want them to have fun and enjoy English.” And she made several references to “little cute Spanish kids” several times. Hello Kellie’s dream job. They only need one teacher right now and there were a ton of students from the University that interviewed so I highly doubt I will be the lucky one to get to play with the 7 year olds, but otherwise I’ll get to tutor one or more kid at their home or at the Academy. I’m pretty excited. Stoked. Jazzed. All other kinds of excited synonyms.

And now I must go make some chai tea and write some papers. Why did I take Literature and Film? Why?

I love you all.

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