I have ganas.

Yeah I don’t know what ganas are either. Instead of saying “estoy emocionada” in Spain to convey that you are excited about something, you say “tengo ganas”, meaning “I have excitement”. I really feel like I’m saying I have some sort of disease or something when I say “I have ganas”. I should find out what that means.

Anywho, I am excited because Wednesday I am interviewing at the English School in San Juan, Alicante to teach English to (I think) little kids. I am EXTREMELY excited. Like. I haven’t been this excited since I left the US. So pray for me, Wednesday! My interview is at 7pm (1pm Durham/Raleigh time).

In other news my camera has decided to not work which saddens me, and also my cord is no where to be found at MC. Sad. Taking pictures is my favorite. I’m hoping the lack of function is due to dead batteries. I was able to upload a few (okay, 158) today that I took this weekend. Maybe I need to chill with the photo taking? Yeah, that’s not going to happen I don’t think. My camera still takes pictures but the screen is black as is the little screen inside when I look through the viewfinder. However when I hold in the review button the last picture I took flashes on the screen for .5 seconds which gives me hope. Oh electronics, I am so bad at having you.

Thursday at 6pm Fall Break begins and some girls and I are headed to Madrid for the weekend, yay! I am excited to explore a new city. I’m hoping to get to see this chica Katie that I sat with on the plane from the US to Spain, that would be so cool. I’ve been reading her blog (do you read mine? haha) and she has found an international student bible study in Madrid, how sweet! We’re still looking for one in Alicante…

The Lord is so faithful.

(ps: here’s some of those 158 pictures I took this weekend.

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