Hola October

I am happy to see you.

Here’s a picture of all the americans in my program at the top of the castle.

^^That’s the castle.

So I don’t really like posting entries without pictures…so hopefully I’ll get my camera cord soon and I’ll do some hardcore blogging. There’s only so much you can do with pictures you steal off the internet.

Thursday begins fall break, yay! We’re going to Madrid until the following Monday for some museuming and big city-ing. There are 41 Starbucks in Madrid. You will not be able to fathom my excitement. 🙂

One thought on “Hola October

  1. Oh, I can fathom it. I don’t have to be miles and miles from the nearest Starbucks to appreciate it. I can make coffee here at home, espresso even (and I do!) but there is something about that little green woman on the cup that makes me happy. and Cole. Upon seeing the Starbucks logo — anywhere — he says “are you gonna get me a chocolate milk, mama?”Of course I am….

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