Woman on a Mission

I saw Nia Vardalos today. The lady that played Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. What a fab movie! They are filming another Greek movie (we’re not sure if it’s a sequel) called ‘My Life in Ruins’ near my friend Natalie’s house. It’s so funny, they have all the street signs and store signs and taxis and such in Greek in the area. Super fun. We sat and watched them film for half an hour today, it was SOOO COOOL. They have a little travel agency set up (where apparently Nia’s character works…much like her character in MBFGW, which makes us think it’s a sequal, but it’s set in Greece which doesn’t make sense). We also got yelled at by a woman when we were walking by where they were filming and we stopped to gander for a while. Haha. So somebody at home PLEASE send me my camera cord? Please? Anyone? I had to give the one I borrowed back…bummer.
But my mission: A Picture with Toula.
Supposedly Tom Hanks is one of the directors, so that would rock even harder. Except there is a mogollón of security everywhere near the set. Hmm…
My friend Andrew met Rachel Dratch (who is also in the film) in the barrio the other night. She apparently is on SNL…I don’t know her. Yay small Spanish towns.

And on the Kellie-front, things are pretty okay. Classes started on Monday. My classes are going to be pretty good I think. I’m excited. I’m especially excited about the Camino de Santiago course, firstly because my teacher is AWESOME and hilarious and also because we get a week long field trip to go pilgramaging. I will elaborate further later on about the Camino, it’s got awesome history behind it.

Cassidy sent me a package last week with CHAI TEA in it. I had it tonight with dinner, it was the most delicious thing ever (thanks again seester, you rock my world) I’m going to Madrid next week for a couple of days with some girls here and I checked Starbucks.com and there are 41 stores in Madrid. Holy Moley. I am so excited for Starbucks.

All of my teachers have expressed that there will be a ton of homework, I’m kind of excited to be busy. I’ve never been one to like free-time and I feel like I have a lot of it right now. I’m ready to learn lots of Spanish. Word.

1 month and 6 days until Cornhuskin! Oyyyy I can’t wait for the evens to rock it out.
I miss everyone mucho. I can’t wait to be home and talking to you all in Spanish while you look at me blankly. I miss those blank stares.

Saturday night is the young people church service. STOKED.

besos. email me and tell me about life! 🙂

(so I just re-read this…my punctuation and general writing is awful. I’m going to blame it on the fact I speak Spanish all day and then write things in English. I am so sorry. haha.)

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