They told us it never rained in Alicante.

That was why water was so expensive. They lied. It’s rained like 5 times since I’ve been here in 3 weeks. That’s a lot.

Tonight we went out for Mexican food again. This time we actually found mexican food. I got Nachos Machos. Nachos Machos is the football game nachos with the machine cheese. You know, the kind of cheese that comes in a plastic bag. So Spain doesn’t know how to do mexican food, I guess we should have known that. Eh, no pasa nada. My Spanish is really bad on fridays, I noticed that. I had a hard time saying lots of things today. I’m gonna study all day tomorrow.

While we were eating it was apparently monsooning and when it rains in Alicante, the phones don’t work. So we were stuck at the mall (I was trying to tell everyone there were worse places to be stuck) where there are no bus stops and we couldn’t call a taxi. So we played in the rain. Or rather, I ran around barefoot in the rain while everyone else looked for a bus stop.

Finally after walking for like 45 minutes at a rain (and waiting 15 at a #2 bus stop to find the buses stopped running at 10:30) half of our group was back at their respective houses. Natalie and Giavonni came to my house to call a taxi from there but the phones were still down so Paco drove them home, how sweet. My padres rule. My mom offered to let them sleep over but she said it wouldn’t be comfortable so she woke up Paco to drive them home. Seriously, I have the best family.

Haha I absolutely love Natalie’s face in the last picture. Oh que hilarious.
I like running around in the rain. I really hope I don’t get sick now.

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