hey hey will you pray pray

So Jasmine and I are checking out a church this evening to see if we’re gonna go there on Sunday. I’m really excited, Jasmine seems pretty confident that this is going to be a good one (the other one we looked at had the word ‘culto’ a lot on the website. Yes, culto is a cognate.) that believes in and loves the Bible. I am really praying that this will open up lots of opportunities…I don’t really feel like I’m doing anything for God’s kingdom here so far. Except going to the beach. I’m not really sure that’s actually doing anything….except giving me more freckles.

Thank you! I really miss church at home. I am so blessed to have such a strong group of believers around me…all the time at home. Thanks for praying for me 🙂

And I owe you guys like 15 new Spanish words. I promised I’d leave one every entry…but I only did it that once. So here goes:

culto – cult (haha)
pecas – freckles
pista – hint
criticar – to gossip (my teacher says that is the national sport in Spain. not soccer)
descalzo – barefoot
chanclas – flipflops
cajero – ATM
agujero – hole
la baba – some drool
la pesadilla – nightmare
banda sonorda – soundtrack
plazo – deadline
chulo – cool
mogollón – spanish young people slang for “a lot of something”
pasta – slang for money ex: I have a mogollón of pasta.
tio/tia – dude/dudette (literally, uncle and aunt)
flipar – to flip out
borracheras – drunkards
asco – gross
Cuaresma – Lent

okay. I think that’s more than 15. There isn’t really a common theme between them all. Except they are fun.

Today on campus I was mistaken for a Spaniard. It was kind of awesome. I think my cover was blown after the girl asked me a question twice and I stared at her. Oops.
And just because I like pictures, here’s a picture of me and my boy back in the states. We’re silly. 🙂 I miss you.

One thought on “hey hey will you pray pray

  1. I love the words… especially flipflops, flip out, and frackles 🙂 i miss you, you cute little Spaniard!I think I am going to use your words in some sentences for class!!You’re in my prayers, let me know how that church thing goes!!

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