¿Quieres queso con tu vino?

Wine is the meanest thing ever.

Today, we took an excursion (the college word for field trip) to two bodegas in the area (I think the English word for bodega is vineyard. I don’t really remember English right now). So, I’ve never consumed alcohol before this trip so the taste of wine was very new to me. First of all, it appears to be really yummy looking grape juice. I happen to love grape juice, so I took a giant swig expecting Welch’s. Wine is nothing like Welch’s. It’s a dirty, dirty, fake. Here’s a fun picture of my reaction. My pal Jasmine captured it.

And I’ve been looking, but Welch’s doesn’t seem to sell their grape goodness in Spain, which is extremely sad to me. I guess I’ll be checking all the super mercados until December….

On the plus side for my American Amigos that happen to enjoy the taste of vino, the first bodega gave all the students free bottles of some red tinted something or other, so if you want it go ahead and call dibs. 🙂 Assuming you’re over 21 of course…I’ll have to figure out how to bring it home, but it’s yours!

Jasmine and I posing with our free crunk juice. That is the real sky, it kind of looks like a backdrop out of a western movie.

5 thoughts on “¿Quieres queso con tu vino?

  1. Okay, I’m all caught up now! So good to hear your adventures. Your host family sounds like da bomb and I feel as if I can speak Spanish while reading your blog and all of its’ interuppted “queso’s”. Whatever that means, but somehow I think you know what I’m saying. Anywho, I can agree with you on two things: the dislike of wine and the dislike of a nude beach.

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