I’m mailing the final installment to CIEE for my study abroad experience! woo!

Today was wonderful! After I slept until 10:30, I went to Durham to visit my mommy and her cute little daycare kiddies (Luc pooped in the potty. There was much excitement in the Deaton house today.) and took some pictures for Dad’s birthday present. I then went on a crazy errand for my pops to Youngsville and arrived safely back at MC in time for a shower before dinner. Marshall came over right after work on his speedy bike and then we snuck him into the dining hall for some BDH “goodness”. Then we went to get my nose pierced, but shhh. It’s cute. I feel so cute and sparkley.

When we got home from AC Moore and the nose piercing place, I walked over to Ben and Jerry’s and hung out with some folks from the 07 Mexico Team. After showing the girls our super cool new upperclassmen dorm rooms, we went to State to see Leslie’s MASSIVE dorm room. I really hate I didn’t bring my camera. She scored a corner room and it is seriously bigger than my kitchen and den in my house put together. Massive. I am so thankful for these girls. The Lord is so good to me.

A week and day until I leave. Oh man.

This post is scattered. But it’s late, so it’s alright 🙂

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