I am a nice shark. Not a mindless eating machine.

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really apprehensive about Spain and such. Money has been kind of a fluid concept in my house for the past year and even though I’ve been working like a crazy maniac all summer making as much as possible, my parents and I have been kind of concerned about me going away for a semester with just my summer earnings. Today I got an email from the financial aid office at Meredith notifying me that I would be able to pick up my check for what I owe CIEE this tuesday, and the amount they are giving me is close to $2,000 more than what I actually owe! I am so thankful for this, it will be a huge burden lifted from my parents, knowing that they won’t have to be providing money for me while I’m over there. This is really exciting also, because HOPEFULLY I won’t spend all my money while I’m over there and I’ll be able to go to Mexico over Spring Break and ACTUALLY be able to speak Spanish this year. YES. The Lord is good. Gooooood.

Today was the last day of Summer Camp for Ms. Kellie (Or Ms. Shaneekwa, as some call her). We took a field trip to the Exploris Museum in downtown Raleigh and saw this awesome iMax film about sharks. That imax stuff is CRAZY. The film basically talked about sharks and how only a few species actually eat people, but because of this misconception almost all the species of sharks are endangered or critically endangered. The film ended with hook for an “SOS: Save Our Sharks” campaign. Even though I am deathly terrified of the idea of encountering a shark, it makes me sad that they are endangered. It was cool seeing how truly creative our God is through those sharks. I mean, this shark:

It’s hard not to look at that and see the awesome creator behind it.

And that title is because I’ve had lines from Finding Nemo in my head all day.

But overall, my last day was cool. I made brownies for everyone, and got email addresses and such, what a good summer. 🙂
I mean, there were days where I was ready to quit, but this was definitely the greatest summer ever at EJRC.

Oh, and here’s a video of one of my kids dancing at the Exploris museum. They had this exhibit with all these clothes and drums from different cultures and the EJRC staff and campers had a blast.

Tonight I have a fun date with Marshall, he’s taking me to see the BODIES exhibit at Southpoint. I’m pretty stoked.

Remember, fish are friends, not food.

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