Fun Sunday. Mah boyfren and I went to Ayr Mount for some quiet fun and it was beautiful. Pictures can’t really capture how lovely it is out there.

Mondays can be really long. I do not understand the complexity of time, in that a single Monday can seem to be years long, yet the years go by so quickly. Yo no comprendo, yo.

but hey. I like Vintage 21 a lot and I’m going to Spain in a month. OH MY GOSH.
and also, I found my glasses and bought some new Vera Bradley gear.

and also, Jesus is King of everything. And I like working with a lot of the people I work with. Especially ones that like to read the Bible with me and talk about stuff. Man. The Lord is SO GOOD.

and UNCW for nursing school?

and I should not be writing this, my to-do list is like 400 million pages long.

hence why this post is scattered.

and I have water in my ears from swimming in the pool today. It’s in both, which is kind of tricky to get out.

Marvelous light.

tomorrow: no work. painting. and Ian’s birthday celebration.

did I mention the Lord was good?

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