that chica is loca

Kelly Clarkson has gone crazy. I’m not gonna lie, I kind of love it a little bit.

Work was pretty wonderful today. I realized that I am going to miss these youngins a lot if I don’t come back to EJ. I hope I get to go back for Intercession Camp. So one of my co-workers is not so excited about their job and lately have not really been doing it. Today they blatantly disrespected our boss in front of all of the campers and I kind of lost it a little bit. Haha, my boss made me take 15 minutes to chill. That’s good stuff. And then the “EJ Chorus Club” performed for the other campers and they made me sing some Aretha Franklin. That was fun, I’m not gonna lie.

You know how you have the random friend that has a weird talent like licking their elbows, or putting their legs behind their head? Sometimes I feel like that. Yay weirdness.

Well I’m back to babysitting, these kids are pretty chill. We’re going to watch Zenon on Disney Channel tonight. I’m pretty stoked.

some fun pictures of Katherine and I helping Cassidy go potty in her dress. Haha. Love it.

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