The sky was obscenely beautiful all day today. If you missed it, that is a huge bummer. This is not an actual picture, I googled ‘cumulus beauty’ to try to find a picture close, this was pretty close. But man, it was gorgeous. Breathtaking actually. I was extremely bummed I did not have my camera in tow, otherwise I’d probably still be taking pictures…

So all week I’ve been trying to remember the name of that Xbox game that Ian tried to teach me how to play and it was driving me bananas because I could not remember it. Tonight I was sending a text message to someone and I kept trying to type in ‘Ian’ but my automatic speller thing kept spelling ‘halo’ and I was getting aggravated and then I remembered that was the name of the game we used to play. Yay.

God’s beauty. That’s some intense, comforting, pretty wonderfulness. Marshall and I were discussing how awesome it would be if in heaven we got to help God do the sky everyday. Today seemed very Ian to me. I mean this is a rash statement, not biblical at all, but I really think Ian helped do the sky today. Bien hecho.

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