Jesus loves white people too.

Work was pretty hilarious today. This summer the ongoing trend is that I have been finding myself in the racial minority. This has not really bothered me, and mostly joked about at Lyon Park but today at EJ this pretty little diva named Essynce was making fun of me while I was talking to another camper and said, “Dude, totally, I know right.” I just laughed at her, but my co-worker Ernest kind of flipped out.

“Essynce, why are you making fun of Ms. Kellie?

“I’m not Mr. Ernest, she didn’t even say that just now.”

“Essynce, you know black people don’t talk like that. Apologize.”

And then I fell on the floor laughing. Yay Durham.
The Lord is so good. Monday I was for real ready to mail my two weeks notice, but Jesus makes all things good.

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