It’s (not) a boy!

Yesterday was pretty much the greatest day ever, with the exception of classes of course. I missed math because Chorale sang at Dr. Creagh’s memorial service, it was so sad. We sang Psalm 23 which is seriously the most beautiful song ever composed. So gorgeous. It’s so cool to see how God comforts his children….
Sociology was ridiculous. We played Sociolopoly, where the banker was allowed to make up rules to make as much money as possible. Good job Dr. Brown. The girl across from me got the envelope with no money in it and a card that said “You are poor, and your kids are counting on you.” So when she rolled doubles three times in a row (?!) and was put in jail and then later landed on the income tax space (poor people are unlucky) I kindly slipped her $50 blue ones under the table so she wouldn’t be in debt. Haha, take that Dr. Brown’s stupid Sociology game.
In Chorale Dr. Fredenburgh wasn’t there so Danny Green came to work with us. I figured we’d only work on his Rejoice piece but we definitely worked the full 90 minutes on lots of pieces. Rejoice sounds better I guess? There are still a lot of notes I’m missing…perhaps I should work on that. He’s a hoot though. Quite the character.
And after sweet Chorale I tutored for a bit, a little preterite vs. imperfect action and then went to the scary Food Lion to purchase Mexican food making materials for NAT’S SECRET BABY SHOWER. Oh it was so much fun, we decorated and made so much food. It was glorious. I absolutely love my little d group, I can’t believe that less than a year ago, shoot, less than 9 months ago I didn’t even know these girls. The Lord is so good, I never cease to be amazed at the coolest people he puts in my life. Sweet life indeed.
Here’s some pictures from that Nat-palooza:

praise the Lord!

sweet sombrero

the mamacita

the leftovers from the fun balloon popping game


yummy cake.

we decorated the door. casey held up a blanket so we could read it better. haha.

silly girls.

nope, not a boy.

the mamacita herself.


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